Preschool Fundraising

Winter 2018 Fundraiser

The Preschool will be fundraising over the next month by selling a variety of beautiful products from Growing Smiles Fundraising. There are three colours of poinsettias, a planter, a wreath and an outdoor greenery planter. All are sold with freshness guarantee and they are so lovely to have in the house over the holiday season.

Please download and print the attached description page and order form.

All orders are due back to the Preschool on November 23rd. Bring in your order sheet or email them to Brett.

  • The plants will be delivered on December 3rd and you will need to pick up your order at the Lakeview Community Hall in the Field Room between 5 and 7 pm.
  • Please be sure to leave a phone number on your order form in the event that we need to call you on pick up night.
  • You can pay with cash or cheque. Cheques need to be made out to Lakeview Community Association (NOT Lakeview Community Preschool).
  • There will be further information regarding prizes sent out in the near future. We are really trying to make this fundraiser a big one, especially because attendance is down this year.

Thank you for helping out our Preschool!

Brett Anderson

Fundraising Organizer


Poinsetta order form.pdf

Ongoing Fundraising for the Preschool

Hello Preschool Families,

Fall is in the air and so are all the lost items that your kids will be leaving at the playground and at school!

  • Mabel's Labels is a Canadian company that sells waterproof personalized name labels and tags.
  • As well as Custom Allergy Alert Labels that are durable, waterproof labels that specify allergies on items such as lunch bags, food and drink containers and travel gear. These food safety labels are perfect for school, daycare, camp and everywhere else busy kids go!
  • I have personally used Mabel's Labels over the past couple of years. I love them because they go through the dishwasher and washing machine and I have never had one come off. They also have shoe labels for kids learning which foot to put their shoe on, a very useful tool for most 3 and 4 year old preschoolers.
  • Besides labels for clothing they have personalized bag tags, book labels, labels for seniors, hockey gear, the list goes on.
  • This is an online fundraiser. To access our fundraising page click here
  • A portion of the sale will go to our amazing preschool.
  • Feel free to pass this email along to other friends that might be interested in ordering, or share on social media to increase our fundraising potential!

Please email me with any questions


Brett Anderson - 403 560 2567