Outdoor Rink

Call for Lakeview Rink Volunteers - Organization Meeting-

Tuesday November 28th, 7:00 pm, Field House meeting room

Winter is in the air and kids and families are itching to get on the rink! Are you interested in helping maintain our rink this winter? We are planning a meeting of rink volunteers to start off this season of ice maintenance. It’s an opportunity to organize a clearing and flooding schedule. This year we are planning on having several different teams of volunteers to help with the regular flooding schedule. Some of the things we want to accomplish for this meeting are:

  • Get to know the other volunteers – hoping for both new and experience volunteers
  • Coordinate teams for different periods of the week – we are currently targeting 3 teams
  • Discuss equipment
  • Rink start-up flooding – building up the base
  • Regular clearing and flooding tips and tricks
  • Dealing with big dumps of snow

Come on out, enjoy a beverage, and meet some of your neighbors who are also passionate about our rink! For many, it’s the centre of the community during the winter. Find out how you can help make our rink ‘shine’ this winter!

For information contact John Evans at jevans@telus.net or by text 403-700-1040