Community Membership

Membership payments are accepted online with a credit card

For information phone: 403-242-8660 or


Why Be A Member of the Lakeview Community Association?

Successful communities have energized, active members and participation from volunteers.

Beyond visible benefits, a strong community reduces many negative influences impacting such things as safety and property values.

Ten Great Reasons…

  • Community Newsletter: Keeping you up to date on issues and activities inside and outside of Lakeview that affect you. We do not "hire" out our newsletter - Lakeview volunteers put it together at every step.
  • Community Safety: Active, connected communities are safer.
  • Facilities: LCA supports a community hall for meetings and events, tennis/basketball courts, and hockey/pleasure rinks.
  • Programs & Services: We offer programs directly such as nursery school and soccer. LCA supports other organizations offering programs such as Block Watch and fitness classes.
  • Planning and Development: Your community association influences transportation, roads, parks, playground development, and traffic issues. The City of Calgary and the LCA confer on these issues.
  • Quality of Life: Individuals take pride in their community & strive to improve the quality of life for themselves and neighbours.
  • Regional Committees & Initiatives: LCA reps speak for the community on regional issues such as major parks, major infrastructure projects in the area or social issues.
  • Resources: Through community memberships, grants, casinos and special events, the LCA raises funds to provide programs, services and maintain community facilities.
  • Representation: Your membership supports Lakeview volunteers in activities that represent our best interests, ensuring this remains a great place to live.
  • Special Events: Bring people together with Fun Day, Family Skate Day, Wine Tastings, St. Paddy's Pub, and more.

Lakeview Community Memberships support the day-to-day operations of the community association and can be bought year-round by one of the following methods: