SWCRR & Traffic Committee

September 19, 2013 - South West Calgary Ring Road – Official Statement:

Members of the Lakeview Community Association are appreciative of the continued efforts of the Tsuu T’ina Nation and Alberta Transportation. We are cautiously optimistic an agreement that works for everyone can be reached on the South West Calgary Ring Road.

Purpose of the SWCRR & Traffic Committee 2018:

To advise the LCA Board and community of SWCRR and other traffic issues that affects the safety, accessibility and quality of life for residents.

  • Ensure any safety or other negative traffic effects are identified and understood by all community members without bias and prejudice.
  • Develop recommendations for future traffic improvements
  • Report directly to the LCA Board and the LCA executive team

To act as a communication point between all external stakeholders and the LCA pertaining to the SWCRR and traffic in general.

  • Formally request LCA stakeholder representation and access to information
  • Participate in traffic stakeholder discussions on behalf of the LCA
  • Assess the potential impacts and risks for the community
  • Inform and advise the board on all issues identified
  • Obtain direction through LCA Board & its community engagement initiatives to represent and advocate for the community’s position with all stakeholders

To represent the Community’s “Yes” position on SWCRR & 37 St. traffic from the March 3rd, 2018 LCA SGM where the membership voted on the questions:

  • Do you support the LCA exploring and pursuing alternative options with the province that pertain to 37 Street access north of the 5600 block? (60% Yes)
  • With potential for increased traffic volume on 37 Street (south of 5600 block), we the residents and members of Lakeview request that the city applies the same rules to 37 Street as they do to any other residential street in Calgary? Do you agree? (67% yes)
    • The City of Calgary's Complete Streets Policy does not provide for the flow of traffic between commercial and residential developments. The LCA plans to advocate to the City to treat Lakeview the same way as all of the other communities in Calgary that are adjacent to new shopping centres (e.g., Chinook)
    • Complete Streets Policy Direct access is not permitted to commercial properties because high amounts of traffic are not suitable for residential areas. See page 9 para 12 in http://www.calgary.ca/CA/city-clerks/Documents/Council-policy-library/TP021-Complete-Streets-Policy.pdf
    • On March 26th the LCA board rescinded the February 2015 mandate letter (regarding all points turn access at the new traffic circle) by an LCA board vote because of the March 3rd SGM vote, where over 300 community residents voted for a new arrangement relative to the SWCRR and traffic plans relative to 37st between 5600 block and Weaselhead park. The LCA Board has formed a SWCRR Committee (Brad Gaulin, Brad Chorley) who are tasked with re-initiating dialogue with all stakeholders, including Alberta Transportation, Taza Development and the City of Calgary.
  • If you would like to contribute on this committee, Lakeview residents are invited to join. Contact: traffic@lakeviewcommunity.org


Brad Gaulin (co-chair) - brad.gaulin@gmail.com

Brad Chorley - brad@chorley.ca

George Reti - george@retis.org

Martin Halliday - mhalliday@atlasdevco.com

Scharie Tavcer - secretary@lakeviewcommunity.org

Jonathan Lang - Jonathan.a.lang@gmail.com

Brian Mountain (co-chair) - brian77764@gmail.com

Paul Piovoso - paulpiovoso@gmail.com (traffic calming)


  • SWCRR - Work with the key stakeholders (Alberta Transportation, KGL, Canderel/TNN, The City of Calgary) to explore, develop, negotiate and communicate back to the community opportunities for improvement to the short term and long term access/egress from the new 37th Street/Glenmore interchange into Lakeview.
  • Work with the City to clarify the City’s Policy regarding access between commercial/industrial properties and residential streets as it applies to the planned development on the west side of 37th Street SW south of the 5600 block.
  • Keep the LCA board and community informed of issues, information and options related to the SWCRR, 37 St. access south of 5600 and all other traffic issues.
  • Support the LCA board in ongoing engagement with the community to obtain a majority position of a preferred option which the committee will then represent and advocate with all stakeholders
  • Explore and recommend traffic safety and traffic calming solutions throughout the community and to make applications with the city for implementation of such solutions

Videos of backed up traffic (see below): Videos from board member Jordan Reti from March 20, 2018 and April 12, 2018 showing a commute west on Glenmore from Crowchild to 37th street. "It normally takes 3 minutes to drive that distance, and because of an event at the Grey Eagle event centre, it took 16 minutes. What impacts would this have on emergency vehicle access on 37th? It’s okay to not want cross traffic between a billion dollar development and a small neighbourhood - this does not make anyone a bad person."

If you have videos you would like to see posted here, please email: socialmedia@lakeviewcommunity.org

66 ave-2_May 27 2018.MOV
crowchild traffic in lakeview 2018-05-27.mp4
66 ave May 27 2018.MOV

The SWCRR & Traffic Committee is also concerned about congestion within Lakeview and the increased congestion when there is an accident or construction at any of the adjoining perimeter points.

If you have photos you would like to see posted here, please email: socialmedia@lakeviewcommunity.org