Help Build a Better Bridge Over the Elbow River

Post date: Sep 5, 2017 9:15:39 PM

Would you like to help reduce the impacts of the SW ring road on the environment and Calgary’s neighbourhoods? You’re invited to attend a town hall meeting hosted by YYC Cares on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 6 pm at the Cedarbrae Community Centre at 11024 Oakfield Dr. S.W. YYC Cares is a group that is concerned about the bridge being built over the Elbow River. The bridge is part of the Southwest leg of the Calgary Ring Road, which the government is currently constructing. As the ring road passes through the environmentally sensitive Weaselhead Flats, it will come to a point where it will have to cross the Elbow River. YYC Cares is concerned that the proposed style and type of bridge being built will negatively impact local wildlife, cause considerable damage to the river and potentially create significant flood risks for both upstream and downstream residents.

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