Southwest ring road planning continues

CTV Calgary

Southwest ring road planning continues

Mon Jun. 14 2010 18:27

Even though the province is many months away from unveiling all the potential options for a southwest ring road connector, some communities are already assessing the possible impact the super highway could have on their neighbourhoods.

The president of the Lakeview Community Association believes ring road designers are considering an alignment that could see hundreds of Lakeview homes torn down.

"The only way to do that is to put a great big curve right through Lakeview. We've done our own amateur assessments of what kind impact that would have on homes in Lakeview and we're getting numbers in the order of 500 homes, 500 families that would be disrupted," said Lakeview Community Association President Duncan Kent.

Transportation Minister Luke Ouellette says people should "Relax until all the options are explored, even the ones that seem wild."

Mayor Dave Bronconnier says removing 500 homes in Lakeview "Would not be given serious consideration."

The province doesn't deny that it is asking transportation planners to put all the potential options on the table.

Ward 11 Alderman Brian Pincott says he's not surprised residents of Lakeview are fearful.

"The direction of trying to go through Tsuu T'ina lands provided a certainty that houses would not be bulldozed in Lakeview, would not be bulldozed elsewhere possibly. With that off the table, the province has to reexamine what it wants to do," said Pincott.

CTV sources say even though the Tsuu T'ina Nation voted against the alignment that would have split the nation in two, options using Tsuu T'ina land may still come forward. One of those options suggests an alignment that would curve off of Glenmore Trail and Highway 8 in a wide sweeping turn that would run south on the most easterly part of Tsuu T'ina property.