West LRT will change Lakeview bus routes

Post date: May 16, 2011 11:03:44 PM

With the anticipated opening of the West LRT in 2012, Calgary Transit is currently holding a series of open houses to discuss possible changes to the bus system in our area. Calgary Transit is directly targeting Lakeview residents with these open houses and they are proposing significant changes to the current routes serving the community. Anyone who currently uses the routes serving Lakeview (18, 47 or 63), even on an occasional basis, is strongly encouraged to attend the June 23 open house between 5pm and 8:30pm, being held at the Lakeview Community Association Main Hall. Further preliminary information about the proposed changes may also be found on the Transit website:


The following changes are proposed within the document:

Route 18: Will no longer go downtown. The route will go from the Chinook LRT through Lakeview to Garrison Green (the old Currie army base) presumably to service the new community being built there. Stops will include Mount Royal University (MRU) where connections can be made to alternate routes going into the downtown.

Route 47: Service will go from Chinook LRT through Lakeview and connect to MRU and Garrison Green - the recent development between Glenmore Trail and the ATCO complex. The beneficial changes are that they intend to add service to Rockyview hospital as part of the route, although the route will be substantially longer than the current configuration.

Route 63: No Change.

Please Note: Changes to the bus routes within Lakeview are not clear from the descriptions or maps available. However, the initial impression, from the wording presented in the presentation, is that they are dividing Lakeview into "north" and "south" service areas, instead of the "loop" that currently exists within the community.

More to come.

Please see the attached flyer for more details about the open house.