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June 19, 2018:

Dear Ms. Burke:

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the 37 Street SW access and the Southwest Calgary Ring Road. I appreciate the time you took to write. As Special Advisor to the Honourable Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation, I am able to respond. I understand Alberta Transportation staff participated in a May 25, 2018 meeting that was attended by the Lakeview Community Association, the City of Calgary, and the Tsuut’ina Nation. Alberta Transportation remains committed to working with all stakeholders during this project. Feedback from all stakeholders is an important part of the input being gathered by Alberta Transportation, and this information will help ensure the needs of the municipalities and the travelling public are met. We will continue to participate in discussions and review feedback we receive in order to ensure all stakeholders’ needs are met without impacting highway operations or neighbouring communities.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.


Danielle Monroe - Special Advisor - 780-427-2080

cc: Anam Kazim, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore