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April 2018

The LCA has received an update from AltaLink regarding the Alternating Currents, Magnet Field, and EMF Measurements relating to the two new electricity poles (a.k.a. the cactus-looking electrical towers).

You can find the reports on the ALTALINK NEWS page

"AltaLink considers the recorded measurements to be well below the recommended range for exposure guidelines. Independent studies from the World Health Organization or Health Canada have not determined that exposure to ELF & EMF is a demonstrated cause of any long term adverse effect to human health."

If folks still have questions or concerns, AltaLink can connect you with an EMF Specialist.

Dave Lee Manager, Consultation

T (403) 365-7445 C (403) 993-1951 E dave.lee@altalink.ca


Jan 14, 2018

Altalink Work Across Glenmore Trail S.W.

Location: Glenmore Trail S.W., west of Sarcee Trail S.W.

Impact: Right lane closure along eastbound and westbound Glenmore Trail, and short-term stoppages of up to 10 minutes.

Reason: Removal of overhead Altalink lines over Glenmore Trail

Approximate Start date: January 17, 2018

Approximate Completion date: January 23, 2018

Speed reduction: 50km/h from 60km/h

Other information: Work to occur between 09:00 – 15:00, Monday to Friday. Work could take up to five days to complete, depending on weather.


December 4, 2017

AltaLink's new riser structure on 66th Avenue near 37th Street in Lakeview has caused so much frustration in Lakeview that the CBC took an interest. Here's the story on their website:


Here's the audio version:



November 2017

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write to the Lakeview Community Association about AltaLink’s new power poles on 66th Avenue near 37th Street SW.

Lakeview residents were aware that new power poles were on the way, but the drawing shown to Lakeview’s board of directors and displayed at AltaLink’s public open house in April 2017 doesn’t look like the twin stacks that recently appeared on the horizon. Many Lakeview residents have written to the community association to describe these riser poles as outrageous eyesores. We've been in touch with AltaLink and the Alberta Utilities Commission to express our views and discuss our options. Feel free to share your views with AltaLink at stakeholderrelations@altalink.ca and copy president@lakeviewcommunity.org and Jeromy.Farkas@calgary.ca.

August 25, 2017

Southwest Calgary Ring Road Transmission Project

RE: Construction update

Thank you for your ongoing involvement with AltaLink’s Southwest Calgary Ring Road Transmission Project. We would like to provide you with an update on AltaLink’s construction along 37 Street.

Weaselhead Natural Area parking lot

AltaLink previously identified that we would require a three to four week closure of the access to the Weaselhead Natural Area parking lot at 37 Street and 66 Avenue SW. We have determined that access to the parking lot can be maintained throughout the construction of the project by sequencing the final stages of our construction and installing a temporary access road.

North portion of 37 Street from Lakeview Drive to 58 Avenue

The current construction plan indicates that AltaLink should be able to reopen the north portion of 37 Street sooner than anticipated. Previously, AltaLink indicated a mid-September completion date. However, AltaLink should be able to open this portion of 37 Street in the first week of September.

Intersection of 37 Street and 61 Avenue

Excavation between 61 Avenue and 66 Avenue has begun. However, AltaLink has encountered issues at 61 Avenue due to the presence of utilities that were not previously identified. AltaLink will need to excavate deeper than originally planned in order to avoid these utilities. In order to complete this work safely, AltaLink will require a temporary closure of two-way traffic at this location, and will submit a Traffic Accomodation Plan with the City of Calgary. Detour routes will be shared with affected residents once approved. AltaLink anticipates this work could begin as soon as August 29th, and last approximately three weeks.

Once excavation and duct work is complete, 61 Avenue will be reopened and northbound traffic on 37 Street will resume. AltaLink looked into other possible solutions, however this closure is unfortunately unavoidable. Note that paving activities at 61 Avenue will also require the intersection to be closed for a short duration.

37 Street Completion

While the design challenges at the intersection of 37 Street and 61 Avenue have had an impact on our schedule, AltaLink still remains on track to complete construction along 37 Street by mid-October. Other construction activities including reclamation may be completed after mid-October, however, two way traffic along 37 Street will return to normal use as currently planned.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience during this project. If you have any questions, please contact stakeholderrelations@altalink.ca or 1-877-267-1453.

Click here to view pdf update


July 20, 2017

Construction Schedule Update

As part of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road Transmission Project, AltaLink started construction in May 2017 to relocate a portion of a transmission line underground along 37 Street SW. We anticipate this work to be complete by October 2017.

Construction along 37 Street SW was scheduled to be implemented in four phases:

 Phase 1: Lakeview Drive to 58 Avenue SW

 Phase 2: 54 Avenue SW to 61 Avenue SW

 Phase 3: 58 Avenue SW to Law Drive SW

 Phase 4: 61 Avenue SW to 66 Avenue SW

AltaLink previously intended to complete each phase prior to starting construction on the next phase.

In order to complete the work as efficiently as possible, AltaLink has determined that allowing for some overlap between the phases of construction identified above will allow us to maintain our commitment to the construction schedule.

This will mean while working on the clean-up, backfill and reclamation of one phase, we will expand our construction area to include a portion of next phase by approximately 250 metres starting with the preliminary construction activities of pavement cutting/removal and utility location. We plan to apply this approach to each phase of construction in order to help our crews to maximize construction efficiency in your community.

We appreciate your ongoing cooperation during this project. If you have any questions, please contact stakeholderrelations@altalink.ca or 1-877-267-1453.

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June 8, 2017

During the AltaLink construction on 37th St SW, please use the designated detour routes. For both safety and out of courtesy for the affected residents, please do not use the back allies as a bypass.


May 15, 2017

Thank you to those who attended our construction open house held on April 11, 2017. We plan to begin construction along 37 Street in mid-May 2017, and complete the work by October 2017.

Construction along 37 Street will be split into four phases:

Phase 1: Lakeview Drive to 58 Avenue SW (approximately 625 metres)

Phase 2: 54 Avenue SW to 61 Avenue SW (approximately 625 metres)

Phase 3: 58 Avenue SW to Law Drive SW (approximately 520 metres)

Phase 4: 61 Avenue SW to 66 Avenue SW (approximately 440 metres)

Please visit www.altalink.ca/ringroad or www.lakeviewcommunity.org for maps outlining the traffic accommodation plan for each phase.

  • Where possible, traffic and parking restrictions will be localized and adjacent to the construction work area to allow traffic to travel north and south along 37 Street outside of the construction zone.
  • Within the construction zone, traffic will be restricted to one-way on the northbound lane, with detour routes available for southbound traffic. Periodically, both northbound and southbound traffic will be detoured in order to accommodate construction activities.
  • Parking will also be limited for adjacent residents within the construction zone.
  • AltaLink may use flagmen and/or police along with traffic control devices to assist with the movement of traffic. Detour routes and temporary road closures will be clearly identified with signage at key access points along 66 Avenue and 37 Street and along the detour.
  • 37 Street will remain accessible for residents, public transit (some stops may be temporarily relocated), emergency services and recreational users, and pedestrian access along the east side of 37 Street will be maintained.
  • During phase 4, pedestrian and vehicle access to North Glenmore Park may be temporarily re-routed and the Weaselhead Natural Environment Parking Lot will be temporary closed for a short period of time.

Construction of two structure foundations south of 66 Avenue began May 1, 2017 and will be completed by May 11, 2017.

Temporary fencing will be installed while the work takes place. The structures will be installed on the foundations at a later date.

Throughout the majority of construction we anticipate work will take place six days per week, Monday through Saturday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Any work that is required on Sundays will take place between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. We appreciate your cooperation during construction, and should you have questions about the project please contact our Right-of-Way Access Coordinators:

For 37 Street and the Lakeview community, please contact Steven Day at 403-387-8263

For all other sections of the project, please contact James McCorquodale at 587-830-1007


Apr 15, 2017

AltaLink is in the process of removing approximately 2.5 kilometres of 240 kilovolt (kV)/138 kV double circuit steel lattice transmission line from Tsuut’ina Nation land and relocating it underground within the Transportation/Utility Corridor (TUC) south of Glenmore Trail and west of 37 Street Southwest. These construction activities are part of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road Transmission Project. On April 11, 2017, AltaLink invited Lakeview residents to join them for an open house at the Lakeview Community Hall before construction along 37th Street begins at the end of May. Construction is expected to wrap up by October 2017.

AltaLink Handouts.pdf

Altalink's correspondence November 2015 re: SWCRR Transmission Project: Notice of application filing