AltaLink Electrical Poles

Post date: Apr 27, 2018 11:20:05 PM

Electrical Study pertaining to the AltaLink power poles (cactus poles):

AML Reply Response to EMF Level Measurements (2).pdf

AUC EMF level measurements (2).pdf

AltaLink Booklet Alternating Currents and Magnetic Fields October 2015.pdf

The LCA has received an update from AltaLink regarding the Alternating Currents, Magnet Field, and EMF Measurements relating to the two new electricity poles (a.k.a. the cactus-looking electrical towers).

Attached are three documents that detail how things are measured as well as the results. ​

"AltaLink considers the recorded measurements to be well below the recommended range for exposure guidelines. Independent studies from the World Health Organization or Health Canada have not determined that exposure to ELF & EMF is a demonstrated cause of any long term adverse effect to human health."

If folks still have questions or concerns, AltaLink can connect you with an EMF Specialist.

Dave Lee Manager, Consultation

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