Board of Directors


The Executive:

President - Marshall Pope

First Vice President - Julianne McKinnon

Second Vice President - Dylan Esch

Secretary - Fiona Cuthbertson

Treasurer - Rob Chorley

Past President - Joann Burke

Standing Board Positions:

Casino Coordinator - Amir Eisenberg

Flames Community Arena - Joel Workman

GlenLake Hockey - Holly Gibney

Lakeview News & Views Editor - vacant

Preschool - Andrea Szabo (Registrar); Sara Boettcher (Director 2018-2019)

Volunteer Coordinator - vacant

(back row) Rob Chorley; Scharie Tavcer; Alan Oickle; Katharine Butler; Marshall Pope; Amir Eisenberg; Dylan Esch.

(front row) Julianne McKinnon; Sara Boettcher; Fiona Cuthbertson; Holly Gibney; Andrea Szabo.

Board of Directors (some absent)

for 2018-19

Administrator - Nadia Janssens

For more information: 403-242-8660 or

Directors at Large on the Board

Director at Large - Colin Buchanan

Director at Large - Katharine Butler

Director at Large - Rob Charlton

Director at Large - Brad Chorley

Director at Large - Laurie Dolph

Director at Large - Andrea Hassan

Director at Large - Rob Mah

Director at Large - Brian Mountain

Director at Large - Alan Oickle

Director at Large - Jordan Reti

Director at Large - George Reti

Director at Large - Andrea Szabo

Director at Large - Scharie Tavcer

Director at Large - Allison Tulick

Board Committees

Beautification - Amir Eisenberg; Andrea Szabo

Communications Committee (including web) - Scharie Tavcer; Katherine Butler; Alan Oickle; Rob Mah; Marshall Pope

Development - George Reti + others

Events Coordinator - Andrea Szabo

Facilities & Maintenance - Jordan Reti; Holly Gibney; Gord Wickens

Finance & Audit - Rob Chorley; Marshall Pope; Joanne Burke; Nadia Janssens

Governance, Nominations & Human Resources - Julianne McKinnon; Fiona Cuthbertson; Andrea Hassan

Membership Coordination - vacant

Soccer - Brett Code (for the 2019 season)

Traffic Committee - Brad Chorley; Brian Mountain

Tsuut'ina Relations Committee - is a part of the Executive Committee's responsibilities + Directors Laurie Dolph; Brian Mountain; Andrea Hassan; Rob Mah; and Colin Buchanan (as advisor)

Wine Appreciation Evenings - Gary Isbister; Irene Hendry; Julie Clifford; Bruce Lofting; Gill & Steve Kennard


The regular board meeting schedule for 2019-20 is set with meetings always happening on the second Monday of every month except for July & August.

All meetings are open to the public and begin at 7:15pm in the field house.

The Executive meetings will be held as needed and scheduled by the Executive.

The time, date, and location to be determined by the President and Executive.