Contribute to your community in 2018

Here are some immediate volunteer needs:
  • Lakeview Community Association board members
  • Board secretary
  • Membership drive coordinator
  • Hall maintenance director
  • Newsletter collators
For more information about any of the above roles, please contact Lakeview Community Association president Geoffrey Vanderburg at president@lakeviewcommunity.org or sign up using the SignUpGenius link below:

If you're interested in helping out with any events or issues in Lakeview now or in the future, feel free to add your name to the appropriate lists on SignUpGenius or send your expression of interest to volunteer@lakeviewcommunity.org. By adding your name, you're not making any commitments, you're simply making it easier for the Lakeview Community Association to reach out to you as a potential partner on events or issues that interest you most.