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Tennis in Lakeview

There are two tennis courts in Lakeview for use by members of the Lakeview Community Association.  They are located at 63rd Ave and Lancaster Way SW, north across from the Lakeview United Church. 

The courts are locked and require a passcode to enter.  The passcode will be changed each spring and emailed to members.  The passcode is also available to LCA members by calling the Main Office during regular business hours at 403-242-8660.  A temporary sign will be put up every time the code is changed.  Enter the code and turn the knob clockwise to unlock the gate. A code is not needed to exit the courts; you just need to turn the knob counter clockwise to unlock the gate. Please only communicate this code to LCA members.

Please respect and share the courts.  If there are people waiting please limit your playing time to 30 minutes.

Lessons are sometimes provided on the courts.  No more than one court will be used for lessons at any given time.