Tsuut’ina Nation Relations Committee

Tsuut'ina Nation Relations Committee Reading and Resource List

The Weaselhead: A Shared History

Lakeview and the Tsuut’ina Nation: Neighbours

Tsuu T'ina Nation Series - Part 2

Lakeview/Tsuut’ina Nation Relations Meet & Greet!

Join us at our first Lakeview/Tsuut’ina Nation Relations Meet & Greet!

 The Lakeview Community Association’s Tsuut’ina Nation Relations committee is hosting a Meet & Greet in the new year, and you’re invited!  We’re starting a series of information sessions that will eventually look at our history and future relationships with the Nation, as a way to help strengthen ties with our neighbours. This includes discussions with the Nation and the Community over the proposed developments west of Lakeview.

We’d like to meet residents and hear from the community about the work the committee is doing; let us know what you’d like to see in our future sessions!

The first session is at 10am on Saturday, January 28 at the community hall. 6110 34 St. SW.