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Tsuu T'ina Nation Series - Part 2

Hal Eagletail comes to Lakeview

On May 6, a well respected cultural leader with the Tsuut’ina Nation came to Lakeview in order to give local residents the chance to learn more about our neighbours.

The Lakeview Community Association’s Tsuut’ina Nation Relations Committee invited Hal Eagletail to come and speak to the community, and what followed was a funny, passionate, at times harrowing, but always engaging talk on the history and culture of the Nation. Hal’s talk was recorded, and can be viewed above; it’s something that every Lakeview resident should hear.

Hal explored the roots of the Tsuut’ina as part of the Dene people, and of the establishment of the current reserve back in 1883. He spoke about the history of the residential school on the reserve, and the shared legacy of unexploded ordnance that continues to present a danger to both the Nation and to Calgary. He talked about the Tsuut’ina’s relationship with the city, and of the coming prosperity that the Southwest Ring Road will bring to the Nation. 

Earlier in May, committee member Jesse Salus was invited to tour the Tsuut’ina Nation reserve in order to take pictures for the talk. He was fortunate enough to have spent the day on the land with Hal to hear about many of the historic and contemporary issues that face the Nation, and to see some of the important areas and places of the reserve, including some that are right on Lakeview’s doorstep. The photos and stories from his tour can be seen at calgaryringroad.com

The event was made possible by a Stepping Stones grant from the Calgary Foundation, by the generous use of the space by the Connect Charter School, and by the volunteer efforts of the LCA’s Tsuut’ina Nation Relations Committee. Thank you to everyone who came out, and who made the day possible.

Finally, a huge thank you, ‘Siyisgaas’ in Tsuut’ina, to Hal Eagletail for his willingness to share some of the Nation’s history and culture with the residents of Lakeview.

First Nations Speaker Series Kicks Off 

In order to provide opportunities for Lakeview residents to learn more about our Tsuut'ina neighbours, and to continue the process of building bridges with the Nation, the Lakeview Community Association will be inviting special guests to come to the community. These sessions are intended to share knowledge about First Nations culture and history, and maybe even a little about our shared connections.

To kick off our First Nations Speaker Series, we will be hosting guest speaker Hal Eagletail, who has accepted our invitation to come and speak to the community. Don’t miss this chance to hear one of the cultural leaders of the Tsuut’ina Nation talk about the history and culture of the Nation.

The event will be held on Saturday May 6, 10am at the Connect Charter School, 5915 Lewis Dr SW. Entry is free and we look forward to seeing you there! To get in touch, please email us at relationscommittee@lakeviewcommunity.org.

This session has been made possible by a ‘Stepping Stones’ grant generously provided by the Calgary Foundation.

Lakeview/Tsuut’ina Nation Relations Meet & Greet!

Join us at our first Lakeview/Tsuut’ina Nation Relations Meet & Greet!

 The Lakeview Community Association’s Tsuut’ina Nation Relations committee is hosting a Meet & Greet in the new year, and you’re invited!  We’re starting a series of information sessions that will eventually look at our history and future relationships with the Nation, as a way to help strengthen ties with our neighbours. This includes discussions with the Nation and the Community over the proposed developments west of Lakeview.

We’d like to meet residents and hear from the community about the work the committee is doing; let us know what you’d like to see in our future sessions!

The first session is at 10am on Saturday, January 28 at the community hall. 6110 34 St. SW.