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Board of Directors

2016-2017 Board of Directors

For more information: 403-242-8660 or
email info@lakeviewcommunity.org

President Geoffrey Vanderburg
1st Vice President Jesse Salus
2nd Vice President Mike Bright
Treasurer Dean Hennig
Secretary Bailey K. Crerar
Past President Allison Tulick
Centennial Arena Joel Workman
Lakeview News & Views: Editor Andrea Szabo
Lakeview News & Views: Printing Gwen Urano
Membership Joann Burke
Preschool Neeki Ryder
Hall Maintenance Robert Niewczas
Special Events Katie McBeath
Special Events Robb Oliver
Public Service (Development) George Reti
Social Media Kathy Thompson
Director at Large MacKinley Darlington
Director at Large Jeff Brookman
Director at Large Chris Stoddard
Director at Large Amy McKee
Director at Large Amir Eisenberg
Director at Large John Masters
Director at Large - Peter McLaws