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Update - McDonald's Application Filed on Dec 22nd, 2015

posted Jan 3, 2016, 6:34 PM by Chris Pazarka   [ updated Jan 15, 2016, 12:59 AM by Geoffrey Vanderburg ]
Call to Action 

On December 22, 2015 McDonald’s Canada filed a development permit application (DP2015-5328) with the City of Calgary to build a McDonald’s with a “drive through” at the intersection of 63rd Avenue SW and Crowchild Trail SW (site of the former Shell station).  The Lakeview Community Association, like many residents in Lakeview, is opposed to any restaurant with a “drive through” at this location.  Consequently, we have written a letter to the president of McDonald’s Canada outlining our concerns.  The letter references the petition with over 2,000 signatures opposing this application.  This letter has been copied to the property owner, First Capital, the Development Permit File Manager at the City of Calgary, the General Manager of Planning, Development & Assessment at the City of Calgary, the Mayor and Councillor Brian Pincott.  Letters outlining significant technical concerns have also been sent to the City of Calgary.  In these letters we have requested a rejection of this development permit application, where both the restaurant and “drive through” are discretionary.

Our major concern is that this “drive through”, which is proposed to be a 24 hour “drive through”, could completely congest the 63rd Avenue/ Crowchild Trail intersection and the entrance to Lakeview Plaza from 63rd Avenue. We also worry about noise from 24-hour speakers, refuse and late night traffic in Glenmore Park and the drive through’s occupation of fully half the Plaza ' s frontage along Crowchild Trail.  This is a footprint much larger than the former Shell site that not only harms the aesthetics, but also more importantly, adversely impacts the residents on Crowchild who face the plaza.

If concerned, what can you do?

If you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition opposing any restaurant with a drive through at this location.  The petition can be found at the Lakeview Community Association office situated at 6110-34th Street S.W., Calgary, AB.

You should also send your concerns to the following people:

·       Gareth Webster, Development Permit File Manager, City of Calgary, email

·       Brian Pincott, Ward 11 Councillor, email

·       Ron Schletz, Director of Leasing, First Capital Assessment Management,

·       Matthew Dunn, McDonald’s Area Real Estate Manager –

Keep an eye on this page of Lakeview's website for the latest developments regarding the possibility of a McDonald's Drive-Through in Lakeview: