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Suspects dump car in Lakeview before running on foot

posted Oct 23, 2012, 6:16 PM by Geoffrey Vanderburg

Snow, cold aids pursuit of frozen fugitive by Calgary cops


Tuesday’s blast of fresh snowfall and cold winter weather helped police put the heat on two suspects — literally catching them in their tracks.

Insp. Paul Stacey said the driver of a Nissan Maxima was spotted by police planning a regular traffic stop in Lakeview early Tuesday morning.

Instead of pulling over, however, the driver took off.

A short time later, the car was spotted near Lakeview Plaza Shopping Centre where it was apparently dumped after smashing into a parked car.

With two people bailing from the car and police on scene, the chase was on.

One suspect was caught soon after while the other took police on a lengthy foot chase through North Glenmore Park, which ended with his arrest and a visit with paramedics.

“He took us on a two-hour hunt,” Stacey said.

“He ran through a tonne of marsh land, went out to little islands and everything and was soaking wet when we finally did catch him at four in the morning.

“They said he was soaked from head-to-toe and they had to call EMS to give him the once over. He’d been out in the wet and snow for two hours — he was shivering and (possibly) hypothermic.”

That man was picked up on a warrant for his arrest for unrelated matters while the driver, who is known to police, faces charges including driving while prohibited.

“These two guys really wanted nothing to do with police,” Stacey said.

“Thank goodness for fresh snow — all we did was follow their footprints.”

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