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Lakeview Storm System Improvement Project

The City of Calgary is upgrading the storm sewer drainage system in Lakeview. The upgrade is designed to improve rainwater drainage in the area. Construction began in March 2010.

For your convenience, some of the content on the City of Calgary's website describing the upgrade is reproduced here:

In the past several years, a number of significant, high-intensity rainstorms have caused flooding to homes in the community of Lakeview as well as North Glenmore Park and nearby roadways. Flood issues in these areas have been widely distributed throughout the community and range from overland flooding to basement sewage backups.

Recent drainage studies in the area show that the existing storm sewers, most of which were installed prior to 1970, do not have the capacity to handle the flow they receive during these large rainfall events. As a result, street and property flooding has occurred.

To help alleviate flooding issues as well as to improve the quality of stormwater before it enters the Glenmore Reservoir, the City of Calgary Water Services is planning the Lakeview Storm System Improvement Project. This improvement project will include the construction of a wet pond in North Glenmore Park west of Crowchild Trail across from the Earl Grey Golf Course.

Wet ponds, or stormwater ponds, provide both a location for excess stormwater to accumulate as well as a filtering process for stormwater before it enters our waterways. The project is modeled after nature and will blend in with the natural environment of that section of Glenmore Park and will enhance the environment.

The improvements will also include upgrades to the stormwater trunk pipes along 66 Ave. S.W. and Crowchild Trail S.W. and other locations in the Lakeview community.