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Municipal Election Candidate Contact List

Who should you talk to re: your concerns about the S.W. leg of the Ring Road going through Lakeview?
Mayoral Candidates
Name Email Website
Craig Burrows
Joe Connelly
Bonnie Devine
Bob Hawkesworth
Kent Hehr
Barb Higgins
Paul Hughes
Gary Johnston    
Alnoor Kassam
Jon Lord
Derek McKenzie
Richard (Ric) McIver
Naheed Nenshi
Wayne Stewart
Greg Berdette
Lawrence Oshanek
Oscar Fech    
Aldermanic Candidates
Name Email Website
Brian Pincott
Ernest McCutchen
James Maxim
Wayne Frisch
Other Contacts
Title Name Email
MLA Ward 11 Honourable Allison Redford
Department of Transportation
Minister of Transportation Luke Oulette
Minister of the Treasury Board Lloyd Snelgrove

Your LCA is communicating your concerns, but it is important for individuals communicate their concerns to the elected representatives as well.