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Ring road concerns

Feb 03, 2011 11:48:25 AM
By Kevin Usselman 
660 News

Calgarians will soon be invited to an open house to give their thoughts on five new southwest ring road routes.

The massive transportation development is back on the table after being shelved a couple of years ago.

Members of the Tsuu T'ina First Nations rejected a complicated cash , land swap deal with the province back in the summer of 2009 to help facilitate the construction.

New proposals are now being floated, although they're not getting support from everyone.

Ward 11 Alderman Brian Pincott says he doesn't like any of the proposals because they would require the destruction of hundreds of homes.

Pincott tells 660News there are other ways to improve the traffic flow in the southwest without turning 37th Street into an 8 lane highway.

He says the city needs to look at fixing problems along Glenmore Trial and expanding bus rapid transit service.

Discussion about the need for a southwest ring road began back in the 1950s.