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Ring Road Information

This page of Lakeview's website brings together relevant information related to the southwest portion of Calgary's ring road. 

While this page offers the perspective of the Lakeview Community Association, for a thorough source of background information and updates related to the ring road, visit

November 2016

The project reached a financial close on September 13, 2016. The Mountain View Partners consortium was selected as the proponent. The contract is worth $1.42 billion in 2016 dollars, to be paid over the 35-year term of the contract. The preliminary work is underway with a targeted opening date in Fall 2021. It is an excellent project to diversify Alberta’s economy and create jobs. The completion of 101 kilometers of the ring road is an investment in the long-term safe and efficient movement of goods & people in and around Calgary. It will provide improved market access across Calgary, the province, Canada and to foreign ports. The government’s objective is to complete this important project in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. 
Alberta’s government is working closely with the Tsuu T’ina Nation, partnering with them on initial work and will continue to build a collaborative working relationship in the future. Measures for environmental mitigation are being taken into account and further discussions with stakeholders will occur in the near future. Until now, the Elbow River and Fish Creek crossings have been changed to strike a balance between safety, operations, environmental impact and cost. Based on the feedback from residents and some environmental groups, the bridges over the Elbow River upstream of Weaselhead Park were lengthened and the new bridge over Fish Creek was lengthened to match the existing bridge. Environmental specialists have identified potential impacts to Weaselhead Park and have recommended mitigation with steps to minimize those impacts. 
The government will be working closely with the contractor to ensure all permits are established and environmental concerns addressed. 

September 2016

Southwest Calgary Ring Road Transmission Project

On August 31, 2016, the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) issued a decision approving AltaLink’s proposed Southwest Calgary Ring Road Transmission Project. A notice to stakeholders will be sent in the coming weeks, and details regarding AltaLink’s next steps are below.

Preliminary Construction AltaLink is planning to begin preliminary construction activities in November 2016. Activities at this time will be focused on preparing two locations where the underground portion of the transmission line crosses underneath Sarcee Trail and Glenmore Trail, east of the Sarcee Substation. We do not anticipate any impacts to Lakeview Community residents from this scope of work, and anticipate the work will be completed by March 2017.

Duct Banks/Underground Transmission Line Work Once the crossings underneath Sarcee Trail and Glenmore Trail are near completion, AltaLink will commence construction of the duct banks. These duct banks will be located where the underground portion of the transmission line begins near the Sarcee Substation, tied into the two crossings underneath Sarcee Trail and Glenmore Trail, and ends along 66 Avenue. The duct bank work will be located in the transportation utility corridor (TUC), City of Calgary road rights-of-way, and on City of Calgary, AltaLink and Enmax property. The work is tentitivley scheduled for January 2017, and anticpated to be complete in July 2017.

The underground transmission line work along 37 Street is tentatively scheduled to begin in April/ May 2017 with completion in July 2017. AltaLink has yet to award the underground transmission line work identified in this letter to a contractor, and is also awaiting final information regarding road design from Alberta Transportation. Once awarded, and the road design has been finalized, AltaLink plans to hold an information session (tentatively around March 2017) to outline construction activities, including traffic mitigation for the Lakeview Community.

In the meantime, our Right of Way Access Coordinators are available to respond to questions and concerns regarding AltaLink’s preliminary construction plans and scope of work. You can reach us toll free at 1-877-269-5903 or by email at

February 2014

To help our readers who may not have seen the current ring road plans, we have printed a preliminary design map on this page, taken from the Alberta Transportation website. In this map, you can see that the ring road travels along the west side of the Tsuu T'ina casino-hotel complex. 

ring road

In the close up section of the plan, several road design changes can be seen and are as follows:

ring road zoom

• The 37th Street traffic circle is to be located between 54th Avenue and 58th Avenue. Access to Lakeview from Glenmore Trail will be via 'Strathcona Street', a new six lane road located on transferred land that will also extend into the reserve.

• An entirely new 37th Street/Glenmore Trail interchange will be built. 

• Glenmore Trail is intended to be the primary route to the ring road from our community. More Glenmore Trail con-
struction is projected with a widening of the road between Crowchild Trail and Sarcee Trail in the next few years.

Allie Tulick is the President of the LCA. She can be reached at 403-474-2737 or