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New flight paths to be explained at open houses until Jan. 19

posted Jan 5, 2016, 1:52 AM by Geoffrey Vanderburg   [ updated Jan 8, 2016, 8:27 AM ]
NAV Canada is introducing a new procedure for planes landing at the Calgary International Airport. The Required Navigation Performance Procedure or RNP is designed to result in shorter flights, fuel savings and less air traffic noise around Calgary. 

NAV Canada is holding a number of open houses between now and January 19 to answer questions about the new flight procedures. All the dates, times and locations of the open houses are outlined on this web page

The Lakeview Community Association is monitoring the situation to determine what impact these changes might have on Lakeview. At this point, the plans show an increase in air traffic over the Weaselhed and Glenmore Reservoir, as outlined on slides 21 and 22 of this NAV Canada presentation.
Representatives of the Lakeview Community Association attended the open house at the Palliser, Bayview and Pump Hill Community Association on January 6. Here are the poster boards that were presented at that event:

In summary, YYC intends to change the current non-dominant north-south landing pattern over the Weaselhead and Glenmore Reservoir for runways 35R and 35L and make it into the dominant flight path under the RNP system. The current dominant flight pattern is south of 22X over a rural area. The new RNP in pink will mean that planes equipped with RNP (currently 53% and heading towards 65% by 2020) will fly near our homes.  Although the RNP route is a current Westjet route, the increased volume of planes will result in increased noise. YYC's interactive data presented at the open house only showed 1 to 2 current flights per day using this Weaselhead/Glenmore route. Under RNP, this route will have many more flights per day.

YYC is doing this to save 3-4 minutes of flying time, to save 200 litres of fuel per flight and to eliminate 6,000 tons of green house gas (GHG) emissions per year. For perspective, a 1,200 barrel per day coal-to-liquids facility with carbon capture will remove 274,000 tonnes per year of GHG).

For more information, including an animated video, visit this page of the Calgary Airport Authority's website:

For your interest, here is a recent news story regarding the RNP:

We encourage everyone to become informed and then complete an online survey, which is open until January 30, 2016: