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McDonald's Update - Feb 16, 2016

posted Feb 16, 2016, 9:30 AM by Chris Pazarka   [ updated Feb 17, 2016, 7:35 PM by Chris Pazarka ]
Updates from the Drive-through committee on the Proposed Drive-through in Lakeview, Development Permit #2015-5328:

- The Development Permit is still being reviewed by the City, and a decision has not yet been made.  Just because a Development Permit has been applied for, does not mean it is approved.  As we await a decision from the City, please remember, it is not a done deal!

-  Since the last update, a large group of dedicated residents have been gathering additional signatures on the petition that opposed the Drive-through.  To date we now have over 2,460 signatures, all of which have been submitted to the City.

-  We have received the verbal and written support of Councillor Brian Pincott on this matter; a letter from Councillor Pincott was sent to the City File Manager outlining his concerns.

- The Lakeview Development Committee, after reviewing the development permit, has submitted their report to the City Planning Department, encouraging that the development permit as presented be refused.

We continue to communicate frequently and proactively with the City on this matter, and the timeframe for a decision is unknown at this time. Please note that the City’s initial decision is likely to be appealed by either side, so this battle is far from over.

If you are concerned about the proposal of a drive-through in Lakeview, here is what you can do:
-  If you have not already done so, sign the petition, located at the Lakeview Community Association office, 6110-34th Street.
-  Write to Mayor Nenshi,, copy your letter to, including your home address so they can see you are a resident.

We will notify residents as soon as we hear if the development permit is approved or declined, but if you would like to keep on top of this, please check every Thursday edition of the Calgary Herald, where the City advertises all approved development permits.
It needs to be noted that not all residents of Lakeview share these views.  The majority of residents do.  All views on this matter are important and deserve to be heard.
For more information, contact Cathy Pandila, Lakeview Drive-through Committee, at