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April 2017

The City Engages with the LCA on the SWBRT

By Jesse Salus

The City of Calgary recently invited representatives of stakeholder organizations that have an interest in the upcoming Southwest Bus Rapid Transit (SWBRT) project to an engagement session. Two representatives of the Lakeview Community Association, including myself, attended the all-day workshop to engage with the City on this issue, in particular on the new infrastructure planned for the Lakeview area.

As part of the City’s SWBRT route, a short ‘slip lane’ is being constructed between Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail just southeast of the existing interchange. This lane will be used only by the new BRT routes, and is scheduled to be constructed later this year. We will be keeping residents informed when we have confirmation on when construction is slated to begin.

As Lakeview residents are aware, some drivers already enter Lakeview and perform illegal U-turns in order to avoid congestion on Crowchild or Glenmore Trails. Concern over the potential for drivers to use the new slip lane to avoid traffic has been raised with the City’s design team, and several options are being considered in order to avoid that situation. Although LCA representatives had suggested that a bus trap or automatic bollards might be used to prevent use of the slip lane by private vehicles, the City is currently favouring a camera-and-fine system that would penalize any drivers using the slip lane. We have been assured that the restriction and fine would be well sign-posted, and should prove to be a suitable deterrent; we will be keeping an eye on this aspect of the project as the SWBRT comes online.

The City is planning to run the SWBRT through the slip lane only in the evening rush-hour when the Glenmore flyover is congested, and there are currently no plans to add traffic lights on Crowchild Trail between 63rd avenue SW and Glenmore Trail for buses to access the slip lane. A new left-turn bay will be built at this location for buses to use when turning into the slip lane, ensuring they will not hold up traffic when making the turn.

Although earlier plans for the SWBRT showed a potential station in the Lakeview area, no station is being constructed at this time.

The slip lane will cross the area southeast of the Crowchild-Glenmore interchange, and the majority of the existing trees in that area will remain. New shrubs will be planned along the new slip lane, and the landscaping team will also be managing the small amount of local rainfall with low-impact water management techniques, including small bioswales. The water management techniques will ensure that no standing water will collect in the area. In addition, a new portion of sound barrier will be constructed at the east end of the slip lane that will replace the existing sound wall that will be opened to allow buses onto Glenmore Trail.

The Lakeview Community Association will continue to provide information on the project as we hear more, and look forward to seeing the project proceed in a way that benefits the City, and perhaps even the community, without negatively impacting residents.

More information can be found at the City of Calgary’s site:


September 2016

The City of Calgary is planning a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service through southwest Calgary. Lakeview is a part of those plans. BRT is high frequency, limited stop bus service. At this point, there are no open houses scheduled for the southwest BRT project. As a result, the Lakeview Community Association is providing the following information and requesting your feedback. We want to know your views.

The new SW BRT is intended to improve transportation in southwest Calgary. The BRT will travel between downtown and Woodbine, with stops including Mount Royal University, Rockyview Hospital, Heritage Park and Southland Leisure Centre. The service will variously run in mixed traffic, new shoulder lanes and a new dedicated transitway along 14th Street SW, and will see anticipated frequencies of every 10 minutes in rush hour, and every 15-20 minutes off-peak.

Included in the concept is a small section within the Glenmore-Crowchild interchange right-of-way by Lakeview. The City has designed a bus-only lane that connects Crowchild Trail with eastbound Glenmore Trail as a way for the BRT service to improve reliability by avoiding the flyover when it is congested in the evening rush-hour. Although no traffic light is in the initial plan, at some point the City may need to install a light between 63rd Avenue SW and Glenmore Trail to help control bus turns when in use. Measures such as a bus-trap are also being investigated to keep private vehicles off the dedicated lane in order to prevent cut-through traffic.

The City is not currently planning a BRT stop at this point along the route, though the idea is being assessed. It is possible that at some point Lakeview residents will be able to access the BRT service directly through a stop.

The Lakeview Community Association would like to hear your thoughts on this project. Please take a moment to respond to the following survey: 

This survey is available here:

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