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'Hot Topics' Feature Coming Soon

posted May 12, 2011, 6:14 AM by Geoffrey Vanderburg   [ updated May 12, 2011, 6:38 AM ]
The following article by Lakeview Community Association President Duncan Kent was published in the April/May edition of the Lakeview News & Views newsletter.

One of the problems we have to deal with in the community association is how to provide for meaningful involvement for residents in issues that come before us. There are lots of examples including the changes to 66th Ave that narrowed the roadway and changed parking to add the bike lanes, our request for a school zone near Jennie Elliott, and current discussions about making Crowchild northbound a single lane so that there can be separate walking and cycling paths.

On the SW Ring Road issue we sent out a postcard survey to get your input and alert everyone to the opportunity to have input. But that was not inexpensive and is not warranted for every issue. Not everyone can join the LCA Board of Directors but there should be some other way for people to participate in discussions on issues that matter to them. It is fine to say that there will be open houses to present plans but sometimes things have to move too quickly for that and sometimes open houses exist merely to explain something that has already been decided.

In future issues of the News and Views we will be running a new feature to help solve this problem. We are going to provide a listing of “hot topics” that are coming up for discussion at the next meeting of the Board of Directors. This will include contact information for a board member involved in the issue so that you can get in touch, express your opinion, and when appropriate arrange to attend the upcoming meeting of the Board to explain your views before a decision is made on behalf of the community.

As most Lakeview residents are aware, there has been a lot of heavy truck traffic on 37th St this spring bringing fill in to dump on Tsuu T'ina land. I have spoken with Brian PIncott about the mess this is making and found out as follows. The fill is coming from the West LRT project under a deal between the LRT contractor and the Tsuu T'ina. The Tsuu T'ina have refused to allow the trucks to enter their land at Strathcona Road, near the casino. The contractor has agreed to carry out additional cleanup work on 37th to reduce the amount of mud and dust. Brian is not happy with this situation and is working to find some other solution. Maybe this is a time when Mayor Nenshi can use his relationship with Chief Big Plume to have the trucks enter at Strathcona Road?

Going back to our biggest issue of all, the SW Ring Road proposals, we have been working hard to broaden the base of opposition to the ring road plans and to inform others of the flaws in the Functional Planning Study.

We are in the process of establishing SaveGlenmorePark as a formal not-for-profit society with Amy Lonsberry as President. This is being done with the full support of the Weaselhead Preservation Society since that organization, as a charitable group, is precluded from lobbying. We have met with a number of influential people to get our message across and are seeking alliances with other community associations and organizations

The SaveGlenmorePark website is drawing a lot of attention and people from all over Calgary continue to sign the on-line petition. As warmer weather approaches (we hope) we will also restart our weekend petition signature gathering in the park. If you can help with this, please contact Tracey Warren at since we need all the volunteers we can get. We are hoping to meet with the Calgary Caucus of PC Alberta MLAs in late May and plan to present the petition to them at that time.

You will see elsewhere on this website information about other events happening in Lakeview this spring. These are the events that help make Lakeview such a great place to live but they don’t happen by themselves. Fun Day in particular needs a lot of people to help organize the activities if we are to have the kind of community event that we can be proud of. Please participate where you can and, if possible, volunteer to help. And most of all, enjoy living here and remember to appreciate all that we have to be thankful for.

Duncan Kent is the president of the Lakeview Community Association. He can be reached at