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Have your say on access to Lakeview at 37th Street

posted Nov 24, 2014, 2:38 AM by Geoffrey Vanderburg   [ updated Dec 10, 2014, 5:04 PM ]

Alberta Transportation is looking for input on a portion of the proposed changes to Lakeview access as part of the southwest ring road project. 

Under the current plans, due for construction between 2016-2021, residents will access 37th street SW via a new intersection near the Grey Eagle casino. This intersection can either be ‘unrestricted’, meaning all turns are allowed to and from Lakeview, or it can be ‘restricted’, meaning that drivers from Lakeview can only turn north towards Glenmore Trail, and not into the casino or future developments adjacent to the community. In addition, the ‘restricted’ intersection design will not allow drivers (Lakeview residents or otherwise) coming from the casino or other future developments to enter Lakeview directly. In all cases Lakeview will continue to have access to both directions of Glenmore Trail. The intersection location and alternatives are shown on the maps below.

In 2005 the Lakeview Community Association preferred access at this intersection to be restricted. This decision was made before the casino had opened, when it was thought that casino patrons might cut through the community to access Crowchild Trail.

There is an indication that future developments on the Tsuu T’ina reserve adjacent to Lakeview may include stores, restaurants and other services that community residents may want to access. If the restricted intersection is constructed, residents would have to drive several kilometres out of the way in order to access these potential developments, even if located just west of 37th street.

Alberta Transportation has also stated that traffic headed southbound on Sarcee Trail will not be able to directly access the 37th Street interchange under the new road plans, due to the numerous lane changes on Glenmore Trail that would be required to make that maneuver (see the Orange line on Map 2). Having an unrestricted intersection into Lakeview would provide an alternative option in the future for Lakeview residents to enter the community from Sarcee Trail via Strathcona street and from the Ring Road northbound (see the Green line on Map 2).

The City of Calgary and the Province is asking if the community still wants to restrict access between Lakeview and the Tsuu T’ina reserve, or if an unrestricted intersection is preferred. Whichever version is chosen, Alberta Transportation has stated that the intersection can be changed at a later date if required, even after being constructed.

Comments from the recent open houses will be considered, as will the recommendation of the Lakeview Community Association. Please write or call in to the association on or 403-474-2737 to let us know what you think.

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