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Board Free Rink

posted Dec 17, 2015, 8:57 AM by Chris Pazarka   [ updated Dec 22, 2015, 12:52 PM by Chris Pazarka ]

By John Masters

Our everlasting Rink Project continues to go through some “twists & turns” and we would like to provide an update on the current status and our project plan. To ensure continuity we have copied our last report and noted the changes in BOLD font.

The outdoor rink project, supported by a group of dedicated volunteers, continues to evolve. The planning phase commenced almost 2 years ago along with the submission of funding proposals to the Province and the City. We were successful in securing funding commitments totally ~$160,000 along with the LCA funding for ~$120,000. With the funding in place we secured estimates for the rink boards and the concrete curb and pad, the estimates from the suppliers totaled ~ $330,000 including the design and engineering specifications.

With the majority of the funding in place, based on our estimates, and including the tremendous support we have received from families in the community with donation commitments totalling ~$55,000, we initiated the detailed design that would then form part of our Development Permit application with the City. After several months “working” the DP process the City requested that we complete a Site Services Plan. In late August of this year we finally received approval for the DP and the Site Services Plan.

The Committee then issued Request for Quotes from 3 rink board suppliers and 3 concrete companies based on a firm set of specifications. The quotes we received back for the total project ranged from a low of ~$400,000 to a high of ~$600,000 including GST and a 15% contingency.

Given the time it has taken to obtain our permits and more importantly the gap with have in total funds committed and the total cost of the project we have decided to defer the project until summer of 2016 and definitely split the project into 2 phases. The 1st phase will include the purchase and installation of the boards along with the concrete curb. The 2nd phase assuming we have secured additional funding at some point down the road would be the laying of a concrete pad.

The Committee had considered purchasing the rink boards this fall and trying to undertake a “temporary installation” without the laying of the concrete curb for this upcoming winter season. We have elected not to proceed with this as the warranty on the boards would be voided. Unfortunately this means that given the state of the old rink boards that have well exceeded their shelf life – these boards are no longer safe, we will not have a rink surface with boards for this winter season.

Our plan for Phase 1 of the Project includes the following steps:

• Completion of the revised specification for the concrete curb without the concrete pad.

• Finalize and review the quotes we have received from our suppliers and contractors. The current Phase 1 project costs, based on the quotes we have received are $265,000 including installation, plus a contingency amount of 10-15%.

• Consult with the City to determine if we need to submit a new Development Permit or be able to revise our existing DP.

• Apply in January 2016 for a new City of Calgary Capital Conservation Grant as our existing grant that was approved in 2015 is about to expire. Please note that we are fairly confident that we will be s successful in gaining a new grant for equal to or greater than the original grant.

o Apply for Calgary Foundation Grant for ~ $25,000

o Continue to solicit donations from our Lakeview community residents

• Commence construction and complete the project in summer 2016.

We appreciate that this project seems to have taken a “life of its own” but the volunteers are committed to ensuring we have the funds in place before we start the project and that we are responsible and effective stewards of the funds we have received from our donors, the City and the Province and our Community Association.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.