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2016 Proposed LCA Bylaw Amendments

posted Aug 3, 2016, 2:18 PM by Chris Pazarka

JUNE 13, 2016

Proposed Bylaw Amendments:

1. Amend the wording of LCA bylaw Section 2 (Purpose) from:


The purpose of the Lakeview Community Association shall be to:


1) Provide initiative, direction and leadership for community activities.

2) Foster and encourage participation in civic affairs which affect the Lakeview Community.




The purpose of the Lakeview Community Association shall be to:


1) Provide initiative, direction, leadership, communication and coordination for community activities.

2) Advocate, foster and encourage participation in civic affairs that affect Lakeview.


2. Add the section to LCA bylaw 6 C to allow for electronic voting in certain circumstances:


6.C.5. Notwithstanding any other provision of these bylaws, the Board may vote on urgent and unforeseen matters outside of a regularly scheduled board meeting by electronic means on the following basis:

a) the matter shall be submitted to the Directors via email, by notice from the President, in the form of a resolution, together with sufficient information to enable the Directors to be reasonably informed as to the nature of that matter;

b) any such vote shall be binding on the Board as if it had been conducted at a meeting of the Board; 

c) a director may object to the matter being determined outside of a board meeting on the grounds that the matter is not urgent, not unforeseen or that sufficient information to make a determination is not yet available to the Board. To object to the matter being determined outside of a meeting of that board, a Director must make notice to the President and Secretary no later than two days following electronic dissemination of that notice;

d) directors shall cast a vote with respect to that resolution within three days after dissemination of that notice or by such later date as is specified in that notice;

e) any Director may vote on a matter being determined by electronic voting by providing a response to the President within the timeframe identified within the notice. Only those votes received during the identified voting timeframe will be counted.

f) for electronic voting, a quorum shall consist of 7 members.

If there is an objection under Paragraph (c) of this Article to the determination of a matter without a meeting, the President shall promptly convene a meeting of the Board to deal with that matter or, should a regular scheduled meeting occur within the subsequent eight days, the matter be dealt with at the regular meeting and all votes cast by the other Directors by notice with respect to that matter shall be void. Subject to the preceding sentence, the President shall promptly notify the Directors of the result of any vote by notice under this Article following the expiry of the applicable response period, and the results of any such vote conducted by notice shall be included in the minutes for the next meeting of the Board.